Well, the wedding is over.

So the wedding happened on Saturday evening, everything was perfect and of course, Shawna looked beautiful!  We cried tears of joy and laughed a lot as well.  Lots of people were there, not sure of the exact number, I was a little busy doing other things.  Like finding everything the boys lost or just couldn’t find.  I will have to say Caleb was organized and had his stuff under control.

We literally live 2 minutes from our church and I can’t tell you how many trips we made back and forth but we finally found everything we needed and got it together and pictures went off like they needed to.

One thing, I don’t know who forgot to tell Mother Nature it was the end of September and is not 90 degrees.  Looking back at other years this day, we were talking about wearing sweat shirts and being cold, that was not the case this year for sure!

When Shawna walked down the aisle, I snuck a peak at Caleb’s face and the look on his face is one I hope stays there forever when he looks at her.  I have never seen anyone look at her with so much love in their eyes except her father and me.

They wrote their own vows and read them to each other, with tears in their eyes and voices.  She walked down the aisle to “One Thousand Years” and their unity sand ceremony had “Die a Happy Man”, then after they were pronounced man and wife, they walked out to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”.  Such a variety of music but that is them, they like all music.

So the veil, if you all follow on facebook, I talked about the story behind the veil, so here it is for you all to have a laugh.  Many of you that know me, know I hate to shop at all.  Shawna kind of knew what she wanted in a veil and we talked about it, she showed me pictures on line and one day conned me into going into David’s Bridal.  Nothing against them but there were way too many women in one place for me to feel comfortable, all these girls trying on dresses and such, squealing and giggling, talking, being obnoxious in general.  So we find the veils and of course the one she wants to look at, we can’t reach (short girl problems, I know).  We finally get someone to help us get it down and try to find a place to try it on and lay it out.  She really had her heart set on this veil, UNTIL she saw the price tag.  It was $250.00, and if any of you know Shawna, that wasn’t going to happen, let’s just say, she is very frugal with her money.  So we go home without the veil but she is on a mission to find one reasonably priced (according to her).  We find a couple and they are around $50-75 dollars, too expensive for her still, after all it is just tulle and lace right?  So she finally finds this one for $26.00 14435259_10201816863179942_2500384300123250468_o-1

Granted, this is the same veil from David’s Bridal that she looked at so she is super excited and has tried this thing on I can’t tell you how many times.  Now if you look at her reception dress that a friend made her, the lace matches exactly the lace on the veil, we didn’t realize it until the dress was cut out.  That was strictly luck (or divine intervention) because we didn’t have the veil with us when we bought the lace for the dress.

The dress was a vision in her head and a picture she found with some modifications.  She went to our very dear friend Debbie and explained it to her.  Debbie said this is the first dress she made without a pattern and she did a beautiful job and was just perfect, exactly as Shawna had imagined it to be.  Her wedding dress was from her Grandma Moore who wore the dress on her 50th anniversary.  Look at the smile on her face, it was there all night!


Everyone said the food was great (thanks, we started working on it about a month ago and did it all ourselves), everyone loved the pumpkin and apple butter that Tara’s company Fruit of the Spirit (check out her facebook page!) made and we had so many people take it home with them to enjoy.  Remember she has 2 events coming up in October, Hatton Craft Day on October 1st and an event in Centralia MO on October 15th.

We all had a wonderful time, my parents won the anniversary dance by being married the longest, 56 years!  Congrats Mom and Dad.  You all are amazing examples.

Bet you all would like to see a picture of the groom as well, right?  Well, not to disappoint, here he is as well.


Jimmy and I are happy to have two sons now that love our daughters very much.  To Caleb and Shawna and Greg and Tara may you enjoy many years of happily ever after!

If you have pictures of the wedding, please post them and tag them #CSGetHitched.


3 days to go~!

I am sure this will be my last post before the wedding because everything starts working into a frenzy tomorrow.  Please pray for long fuses (I seem to remember Jill Fansler doing a children’s sermon on this recently) for the entire family.  Wedding time is always stressful but we are working to make it as stress free as possible or spreading the stress out.

We will be moving some of the furniture into their house tomorrow, stove, refrigerator,  dining room table, bed and night stand, maybe some of the cabinets!!  But first we have to sweep, vacuum and mop the floor, that will be my job tomorrow morning.

The tent will go up tomorrow afternoon and tables and chairs will be set. Lights will go up and Friday decorations will be set up.  Food will be made in mass quantities tomorrow and refrigerated, some will be taken out of the freezer to thaw for Friday night rehearsal dinner and we will start on the groom’s cake since he has a special request.  At some point, Shawna will be baking pies for rehearsal dinner as well.

Family will be coming in for Caleb and friends will be arriving soon as well. His brother Charlie will arrive on Thursday and Caleb is making the trip to pick him up.  The rest have made arrangements to get here.  Can’t wait to meet them.

But today, the yard needs to be mowed and trimmed, laundry needs to be washed and hung out, folded up.  And we are taking a little time off to go celebrate the kids in our church.  Jimmy is grilling for KFJ (Kids for Jesus) and Youth Group kickoff tonight and I am working the registration table.  It will be wonderful to see some of these kids that we haven’t seen all summer, many of these kids go to other churches or are unchurched and come to our Wednesday night programs!  I am fortunate enough to be able to help once again in the littles group, 2-3 year olds and it is so much fun to watch them grow throughout the year from not talking to anyone to being the leader of fun and games, music or the little band we form every year.  Plus one of my favorite people is the teacher for that group.  This is the first year in about 7 years that I don’t have a grandchild coming (they are going to their home church this year!).

So prayers are appreciated that all runs smoothly and any wrinkles are worked out with a minimum amount of stress and tears.  Will share pictures soon.

AND Next week we will be shifting gears quickly because Craft Day is just around the corner.  and is only 10 days away.  so stay tuned.

6 Days!

There are only 6 days left before Shawna becomes Mrs. Scott.  Our lives have shifted to hyper busy mode.  We have been working along on the planning for months now and have most of it complete.

Crystal Beamer did the flowers and they are beautiful.  We love them, Adrianna has been “practicing” walking down the aisle with hers for a couple of weeks now.  We love how you incorporated Granny’s rosary in Shawna’s bouquet.  One of the “something old’s” she has. Love you so much, words can never say how much stress you took off me by all your offers of help.

Debbie Ludwig, I know we asked the impossible of you with the reception dress, but as always you nailed it perfectly (that is definitely her something new!) .  I can’t wait for everyone to see it and realize that you created it from a picture and ideas in Shawna’s head.  Amazing!!  Adrianna’s dress suits her perfectly, the best dancing dress ever!  The bridesmaid’s dresses are beautiful and all fit so perfectly.  Words will never fulfill the gratitude we have for you.  We love you and everything you do.

Pat Stemme, for your willingness to help out and for painting centerpieces, we thank you.  Cant wait to see them on the tables, they look amazing in the box right now.  I am sure we will be asking for your help this next week as well.  Love you!

Kent Moore for offering to smoke the pork, that made Jimmy’s life so much better, he had a wonderful time visiting with you and you are just one of the reasons the Moore family is as wonderful as they are!

Corey and Ginger Hawkins for talking me through so much of the cooking process, how much and what to do.  Ginger for just checking on me to make sure I am still sane.  I love you guys so much.

The “Hatton Ladies” for your willingness to do whatever we asked.  I know you all will be amazing at serving the food.  We so appreciate you all doing this, it is one of the first things she asked for when we started this planning, “Can you ask the ladies to serve at the wedding reception right away so they don’t plan anything else?”  She loves our club and can’t wait for the house to be finished so she can come to some of the meetings!  And even though she won’t be home by Craft Day, she will be with us in spirit that day as she flies home.  We love each and every one of you for your willingness to help out in any way.

Our parents, Mangus and Margaret Moore and Liz Dunn, thank you for allowing us to store wedding stuff at your house, when it started taking over ours!  We so appreciate it and knew it would be well taken care of.  And for so many other things, Mom for the wedding dress, she is so excited to wear your anniversary dress down the aisle (Something borrowed), she has been waiting 6 years for this moment.  For all the help you and Dad have done through this whole adventure of building the house and wedding planning.  Liz for the quilt that you made her, it was the hit of the church shower and made us cry when we read your card to her.  We love you all and depend on you for so many things, thanks will never be enough.

My sisters, brother, nieces and nephews!  Yes we are a crazy bunch but we stick together and get things done.  Marlene for painting the centerpieces, they are wonderful and we so appreciate it (one little task I was not looking forward to), Melinda for all the crazy calls, asking for things to pick up or borrow and our big project, “The Dance Floor”, can’t wait for Caleb to come home today to see it.  Shawna said last night, “That is huge!”.  Mike, oh my gosh, where can I start with you!  Helping on the house, when it seemed impossible to complete the dry wall, you came up and spent the holiday weekend helping get it all hung, being the calm one about getting it done!, then coming up to help on the dance floor because you knew we needed help.  I am still amazed that it only took two hours from the laying of the pallets out to putting the final screw in place.  Not without some fun conversation, what I really want to know is who invited the heat!  I thought a cold front was supposed to come through Friday!   Oh well, not like we aren’t used to heat and work. To all the nieces and nephews, thanks for help planning, offering suggestions on the wedding and decorations, being there to make Shawna and Caleb relax and take a step back when things got stressful, teasing her about being frugal (one word for it right!!), helping on the house or just talking to them.

Tara, Greg and the grandkids.  Thanks so much for being part of the planning.  We have had some great laughs.  Greg, I know we have asked a lot of you by taking your wife and kids on some crazy shopping adventures or helping around here.  Those kids of yours have a true servants heart by wanting to help others, you both should be very proud of them. Love you both and those sweet babies!

Tara, thanks for being so much like your momma, taking charge and organizing those bridesmaids and being willing to run interference for your sister.  Offering suggestions for ideas and never being afraid to tell people that you don’t think that will go with the wedding plans or you don’t think Shawna and Caleb would like it.  Changing things in the middle of the stream when plans change and just being there to support us and your sister.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen, what can I say about you all!  The bridesmaids willingness to supply Shawna with empty wine bottles for centerpieces.  Your unselfishness is amazing.  The bachelorette party was a blast, thanks for inviting me, those memories will make me smile for many years.  Caleb really needed what the guys planned for him, the stress of building a house and being involved in the wedding was starting to wear on him.  And you guys know him, getting to do what he loves was just the thing he needed a week before the wedding. Also a big thanks for those that helped on the house!  Oh and the sampling of recipes for the wedding.  Glad you all voted on the same thing!

I am sure there are many other’s to thank so if I forgot anyone, I promise to update this post with you when things are a little less busy!

And lastly, to Shawna and Caleb, thanks for making the planning easy.  And not dragging me through every store within a 100 mile radius.  And for being frugal, borrowing things, finding them on sale or asking family/friends to make things (see the above paragraphs).  Building a house and planning a wedding has been very stressful but for the most part you both have handled that stress very well (can’t believe I am saying this about you Shawna!).  You are going to have a wonderful home to create a whole new set of memories in.  I am sure Grandma and Grandpa Dunn are looking down from heaven with approval, with your choice of location and your willingness to stay together forever.  We love you both and hope your day is everything you hope it will be.


This post was started on September 4th, didn’t get it posted then, too much life going on.

As I went to bed last night, I told Jimmy it was 16 years ago that I last talked to you.  The next morning, before I went to check on you, you had left this earthly life.  Mom went in and talked to you for a minute and then she took your dog out to potty.  We heard you breath your last and knew you were enjoying all heaven had to offer.  We still miss you every day but know you are in a far better place.

We have so many happy memories of you.  Mike and I were talking about the cherry tree last night that you had at one of the houses you all lived at.  I remember the apple tree at the house in Calwood and how we ate green apples, never to make that mistake again.

I remember when you had to retire from the state hospital and how sad you were to leave your patients but God had bigger plans for you.  Grandpa needed care and you were able to be with him.  There were so many times you had to be there to save him!

And the memories with you and my kids.  Every time the Spice Girls come on or talk about a reunion, the girls start talking about watching them at your house and laughing.  Shawna’s favorite picture is of you with the bikini on over your clothes.

Just wanted to say we still miss you every day and you would be amazed how your family has grown.  I know you are smiling down on them every day.  So many times I want to pick up the phone and call just to talk to you or when I shop at the grocery store, I think I need to go over and pick you up.

Love you and please take care of all our loved ones in heaven, we will see you again someday.

Today marks day 29 until the wedding of Shawna and Caleb.  So many things left to do, but the girls are taking a break this weekend and traveling to the Lake of the Ozarks!  I am sure I will be posting more about the private conversations we have had through messenger but that will have to wait until the weekend is over.

Shawna has no idea what we have planned and I think she is a little anxious.  You see, she is much like her father (way more than they will ever  admit), she doesn’t really like surprises and is a little worried about what her “girls” have planned for her.  It probably doesn’t help that every time I received a message last night I giggled and she had no idea.

We are leaving the boys at home to work on the house so we expect to see lots of progress without us there to interrupt them.  Prayers that they find something to eat this weekend.  They are not very good at remembering to eat without us there to feed them.

In other news about the wedding, the flowers are done and look amazing!!  Thanks Crystal Beamer.  Several of the dresses are done, Adrianna’s, Tara’s and Amanda’s (I think), Shawna’s reception dress, the flower girls dresses and they are gorgeous.  We love them Debbie Ludwig, as always, your work is beyond our actual vision.  Can’t wait to see it all come together. Most of the decorations are compete, thanks to Marlene Freels and Pat Stemme.  Brittany Bastian and Melinda Bastian, thanks for the use of some of the decorations.  More thanks to come later I am sure, but these things are in my living room right now and need to be put away so they are on my mind.  Thanks to my mom and dad and Jimmy’s mom, Margaret and Mangus Moore and Liz Dunn for allowing us to store things at your house since ours is overflowing!

Pray that our men survive without us this weekend.  Adrianna is being left behind to hold down the womanly responsibilities, pray for her that she survives and doesn’t pull the princess card on them! because she won’t hesitate and they will bow to her wishes.  Pray that the guys get lots completed on the house and have a good time doing it.

More after the weekend is over and we can reveal what all we had planned for her.


Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

Well it finally happened.  We had another Flood reunion after 18 years!  I can’t even begin to explain how much fun we had.  It was the hottest day of the year but that didn’t stop us.  So  many of the kids ended up in Mom and Dad’s pool and the adults sat under the shade trees in the yard and some sat inside in the air conditioning.

We met Uncle Bob’s sons and their family.  Such a nice group of people and Pete and Billy talked about stealing watermelon (not sure their parents knew this!!) and getting caught.  They thought they were smart and stole them during the day because everyone else that got caught stole them at night.  That really made us laugh to think about a couple of 14 year old boys thinking they could outsmart others.  Wow, some things never change.

Of course there was a ton of food (you would have been so proud of your kin folks!!), we know how to cook and eat.  Charlotte brought Carrot Cake that was unbelievable, I think Mike and I got the last of the crumbs (well enough for a good size portion anyway!)  and a German Chocolate cake that was gobbled up.

I got to see Donna, who I remember from the High Hill days but haven’t seen her in forever and knew who she was immediately.

Some of Uncle Bill’s kids came in and we got to see them again, they came in for Aunt Gin’s 100 birthday party a while back and we connected through facebook.

Of course, most of Uncle Buster’s kids were there, Bert made a huge cooker full of green beans and Mark was complaining that she made too many (which we all made too much!  that is what we do right?)  Pat and Bob were there with their crew.  We had a great time with them of course, who can’t have fun with Uncle Buster’s family.

Donnie, his boys and their families were there.  I knew Kevin immediately but Barry has changed (imagine that after 18 years!).  Donnie was one of the first ones there and really enjoyed himself.

So many relatives in one place, you would have been in your element there, family was everything to you.  We talked, laughed, ate, talked and laughed some more.

But the highlight for me was Billy and Rosie and their family.  You knew that though didn’t you.  We have always had a special connection.  Everyone but Little Billy came.  Ryker and Brock immediately had that connection with the girls.  Adrianna wasn’t able to make it but she would have followed them around and possibly snuck in the car and went home with them.  It was Katrina’s birthday and someone bought her a crown to wear, now it is being passed from cousin to cousin as their birthday arrives.  Dad took them a ride in the four wheeler and wagon and they had a great time.  Shawna and Caleb went over to the place they were staying and Caleb fished with Bobby Lee.

Now my family wants to make a trip to California.  Nicole promised Ryker that she would make sure he went to Disney.

I know you all were together in heaven looking down on us and smiling and laughing and enjoying that your family could get together and enjoy each other so much!

We started the week off with the 4th of July picnic at Hatton Hall.  It was misting/raining so they grilled under the pavilion and we had a great turn out.  The 4-H group talked about patriotic songs and we sang several.  Great job on the program and the food.  Everyone seemed to have a great time visiting.

This week the Callaway Youth Expo was the big event in the area.  Our neighbor Shea Smith was chosen queen and I got to talk to her for a few minutes today.  She said it is nice being queen except her brothers don’t comply with her requests!  Except Beau, he tells her every morning, “Good morning Beautiful!”.  What a sweet thing for a little brother to say and what a way to start your day.  Of course, she is beautiful but for a brother to acknowledge it…

Let’s start with Tuesday, I had been asked to judge sewing and told them yes I would be happy to.  As the time approached, it started making me nervous that I would make a wrong decision.  As I talked to other judges, they had the same thoughts.  My partners were Margaret Fansler and Roberta Brown, both I have known for a while so that made it easier.  One of the first people we judged had been sewing for 7 years, she made a lined jacket, top and slacks, hand sewing the arm linings in.  I sat there in amazement, thinking back when my mom tried to teach me to sew.  So our kids ranged from 8-18 years old and they all did a wonderful job.  They were all well spoken and could explain the process very well, knowing all the sewing terms and materials they used.  So to those that I judged, congratulations and to their project leaders, keep up the great work, you are doing amazing things with these young people.

The horse show was cancelled because of all the rain we received.  Sad that happened because we have some really good kids that do a wonderful job with their horses.

They had the small animal show, the pedal tractor pull, swine show, cattle shows, bucket calf show.  As I am scrolling through facebook, I see lots of pictures of kids I know winning events!

Then I go to inspect the ham breakfast.  I see lots of candidates supporting our youth in the county.  Plus they are eating some really good food (if the comments to me were correct!).  What a great way to get out and visit lots of people and see what the needs of the county may be.

To all the youth in the county!  You are all winners just from entering and going through the process, learning to speak and show!  Hope everyone learned something!