We broke out!

Yesterday afternoon, the joint doctor came by the hospital room and asked Jimmy if he wanted to go home!  Of course, he did and they have been talking about a severe winter storm coming in with a major accumulation of ice over the next few days.  So we were trying to escape and get settled before any precipitation started.

They were discharging people left and right and it took us less than an hour after the doctor told us to the time we were in the truck heading out.

We came home, got settled, took some phone calls and then Jimmy decided he needed to nap and I laid on the couch.  One and a half hours later I woke up, stayed up for about 30 minutes and then went to bed for the night.  Jimmy woke up in the night and went to the bathroom and I didn’t hear him.  I woke up about 4:30 for the day and feel so rested.

Jimmy has already had home health out to visit today and not sure when therapy will make it out with the weather.  We are prepared for the bad weather.  I have the wood stove going and it is about 75 degrees inside, the weather is about an hour away according to the weather reports.  I have stuff for chili and soup and omelets, so if we lose power, we are good, I have hand sewing I can do but I have my quilting machine back from servicing so I will be working back there until we lose power (if we do).  Friends and neighbors know they are welcome to come stay if they lose power, we will feed you and offer you entertainment and a place to stay (even though we are not an official shelter, we will be offering shelter!).

Those of you in the path of Winter Storm Jupiter, be safe and stay in if at all possible.  If you have to work, be safe and don’t put yourself in harms way.  The Weather Service is asking for reports, so don’t forget to help them out.

Our Crazy life

About 4 years ago, Jimmy had his first joint replacement.  I am not sure if he enjoyed it or not, but about 15 months ago, he needed a knee replaced.  He has done wonderfully with both of them.  Followed therapy’s orders and listened to the doctor for the most part.  He has been limping along with his other knee for a while and we had to get him through Shawna’s wedding so tomorrow is the day!  Yikes, I think once again I am more nervous than he is.  I probably won’t sleep very much tonight and I can feel my stomach feeling queasy.

I don’t know why I get so nervous about this, he has had several surgeries and comes through them so much better than when he goes in.  Yes, I will probably cry when they take him back (like I always do) and now you know why I don’t really want anyone there with me.  I usually find my way to the chapel to say a prayer for the surgeon (Thanks for taking such good care of him Dr. Anz and your amazing team) and his team, a prayer for the recovery nurses and everyone that has a hand on my husband.  Then I turn everything over to God and work on whatever I brought with me to keep me occupied.  I periodically check the screen to see where he is at in the rotation.  Sometimes I see people I know and talk to them, sometimes I keep to my self but I always get to walk with him to his room.  Every time he has had a joint replacement, he is up walking the same day, bugging the doctor to allow him to come home early.

Please pray for him, the surgery team and the hospital staff as we prepare to do this one more time (and I hope the last one he has to go through!).  Will be posting after he gets home and hopefully I can get some pictures.

We have had a little bit of winter but this week, it is come back with a vengeance.  They warned us that it was going to get cold and they were right this time.  After suffering through 60 degrees on Christmas Day, we had a low of -5 Thursday night/Friday morning.  For those of you that know me, I was loving Christmas Day.  Cold weather is not my friend, it triggers my asthma and makes it hard for me to breath.

It also forces me to stay inside, therefore I have to find something to do.  So I have been busy quilting, well at least piecing the tops lately.  I am going to start quilting them this weekend since it is so cold and I don’t want to get outside for anything.  I think I have 8 baby quilt tops completed so I need to get busy quilting. Plus Jimmy is having a knee replacement this week so I need something to keep me occupied waiting for him.  Hand binding quilts are a great way to pass the time. AND we have 4 babies coming in our extended family this year plus other friends that have babies that are due.  So I probably need to work on baby quilts all winter just to keep up.

I think I saw that it was 8 weeks until spring and I can’t wait.  Plus that will get me really close to the next grandbaby’s arrival.  Well, by spring, Tara should be in the last trimester.

So until spring, I will be hidden in my sewing room, working on baby items and praying for warmer weather and the babies that I am making presents for.

Well, on one of the last blog posts I told you we are expecting our 4th grandchild.  About 3 weeks ago, our youngest daughter told us they were expecting as well and #4 and #5 will be just months (if not weeks) apart in age.  We are all beyond excited for this to occur next summer.  Tara’s actual due date is May 22 and Shawna’s date is July 23rd.  Do you all know anyone else that has that birthday??  Of course, it is our princess and she is so excited.  July 24th is Caleb’s brother’s birthday, so they have a number of birthdays they could deliver on.  Our family seems to be pretty good at doing this, but everyone says it is because there are so many of us (that may be true!).  So expect to see pictures of two little bundles of joy in the late spring and summer!

It is fun listening to them tell us at what stage the baby is developing and the grandkids telling us what size the baby is (pea, lemon, pear, apple, whatever they come up with!).

Now you know why I have been working so hard on baby blankets.  There are several friends in the community that are expecting babies but at the top of the list are those two that will belong to us.

Please pray for uneventful pregnancies for both daughters and easy delivery and quick recovery time.
And for those that are figuring up, no it wasn’t a honeymoon baby like Rachel Ross and I thought would happen.


So a couple of weeks ago, I posted a vague facebook post about hard decisions and people being hurt but I was turning it over to God.  AND I wasn’t ready to post anything else.

So now here it is.

It all started last summer, I noticed the election getting nastier and nastier, lots of untruths being spoken and written.  Facebook was overrun with “articles” about each potential candidate.  This got me to thinking about how terrible we can be to each other, and now that I think about it, it probably all started about 2 years ago with the Ferguson MO incident and expanded from there.

I had a friend on FB post that Black Lives Matter and I commented that All Lives Matter. Do I hate everything that has gone on in the world, Rwanda, Syria, Iran, Iraq?  Yes that is my point that All Lives Matter. Her husband verbally attacked me and told me I had no idea what those people have gone through.  First of all I take exception with the term “those people”.  We are all Americans and our ancestors have suffered at someone’s hands at one time or another.  Some of my ancestors walked the Trail of Tears.  Anyone feel sorry for me?  I sure hope not, because I didn’t suffer that.

[rey-shuh l]
Spell Syllables

of or relating to the social construct ofrace : racial diversity;

racial stereotypes.

(no longer in technical use) of, relating to, or characteristic of oneraceor the races of humankind.
This is from Dictionary.com
I guess the thing I hate most is the “racial stereotypes”, if you are Native American, “fire water” is a no-no because they can’t handle it, if you are African American “you are uneducated, lazy, etc”, if you are Irish American “you have to be in a service industry, fireman, police officer, waitress, etc”., Rural American “dumb, uneducated, unaware of the real world”
No Marc I don’t know what is like to be black, I do know what it is like to be poor and have to work for everything I get.  I don’t think that is what Black Lives Matter should be about.
I do know if you are a democrat or a republican or an independent or any of the other parties and we are friends, I will respect your opinion UNTIL it violates Biblical teachings or the constitution of the United States of America.
This is how I determine how I vote for someone and I don’t need candidates or their party telling me what the other party or candidate is doing/not doing.  I can figure that out my self.  Thank you very much.
On election night the one thing I kept hearing reporters and news anchors say was “Donald Trump is carrying (fill in the blank here) because they are a rural state.  We had no idea so many of the uneducated rural white males would come out to vote”.
Just a heads up to you city educated people (insert sarcasm here!!) we are not stupid by any means in the rural area, we listen all the time to the news, stock market, grain market, cattle and hog market and most importantly to world news, because all of that affects us in ways you will never know.  My husband, my father, my sons-in-law and so many friends are those rural white males (and other nationalities and races as well).  Do I know how they voted?  Nope!  Do I care?  Not really as long as they thought about the candidate and their record of how they are on issues that are important to our country.  Do I care that your vote may have cancelled mine out?  Nope, once again, you need to vote based on what you believe is right.  Do I care if they had to call off college classes because so many were too upset to function the day after the election?  YES!  If you are a student or a professor, you are an adult, act like one.  Don’t hide out and use your coloring books to escape the reality of the world, stand up and work through this.  That is the only way we are going to get through this mess we have made of America.
Now, saying that, decisions have been made, people are hurt but trust God to make things right in our Country again.  He is on the throne and we  must not forget that.  Turn all your troubles and worries to him, he will give you peace and remember he sent a baby to change the world.  What are you doing to make this a better place?  So many people posted on my facebook status that they would be praying that the right decisions were made, they had no idea they might be praying for election rhetoric to die down, or if it was something personal, I even had one person pm me to make sure Jimmy and I weren’t going through something health or marriage related!  They were all genuinely concerned and that one vague facebook post brought out the best in so many (and I have no idea their political leanings).
I love each of you for a different reason and you have been put in my life to teach me something, thank you for that.  Let’s pull ourselves up and no matter who is in the White House or Congress, we are a group of individuals that can come together collectively to make this country the best the world has to offer.

WE have an announcement!

Right before the wedding, our older daughter and son-in-law told us they were going to expand their family to 6!  They asked us to stay quiet about it for a while because it was so early in the pregnancy.  So we honored their wish for the most part.  They told their three kiddos and they had been telling a few people.  Last week they made it official by posting sonogram pictures with the three kids.

To say we are excited is an understatement.  Although, Miss A said if it is a boy, she is moving in with us, so our life will change drastically.  It has been quite a while since we had a 8 year old in this house (20 years ago to be exact!).  She says “You just don’t understand what it is like to live in a house full of boys!”

So in late May or early June (initial due date is May 22) our newest grandchild will make their appearance and we will be there waiting to spoil them, no matter if they are a boy or girl.  In fact, I have already started on a quilt for them, it is pretty gender neutral so it doesn’t matter.  The plan is to finish quilting it this weekend and bind it.  After Mom and Daddy see it, I will post pictures of it.  I got the quilt kit from Material Girl Quilt Shop in Centralia last summer and was waiting to make it for a special little one.

In other news around our house, the youngest daughter is very close to moving in her house (if not this weekend, then for sure next weekend).  It is looking good and turning out very nicely.  She will be posting pictures of it once everything is cleaned up and moved in.

Today is 38 days until Christmas, how prepared are you?  I have been buying along all year but I really need to get in shopping mode and finish up because in one weeks, I will be putting up our Christmas tree!  And we are not having Thanksgiving at our house this year, Grandma Liz told Shawna she could have it at her new house so that is the plan right now.  And I can get my house really clean before putting up the tree.  Now if I can get Christmas lights outside but they will be nothing compared to our neighbors, the Langworthys and the Scotts.  Yesterday on the news, they were talking about the Rockefeller Center tree and stated they would place 50,000 lights on the tree.  I texted Shawna and told her, they had nothing on her.  She loves to decorate for Christmas, trees, the house and everything.  She gets this from her Grandma Moore!

We are coming upon a very busy time and I hope you all are feeling thankful and as blessed as we do at the Dunn household.

Well, the days are coming that I dread, colder, darker and hibernating in the house.

The crops are out at our house (that was accomplished on Monday) and I have to say, we have had wonderful weather for harvest.  I think for the month of October, we have had 0.5 inches of rain.  We haven’t had any measurable rain since Mid September so we are kind of dry around here.  The garden is long gone and almost all the crops in the area are stored for the winter.  Hopefully the dust will be settling down a little bit plus it is supposed to rain today, but we will see how much we get.

We are going to have to cut some wood soon, we still have quite a bit from last year since winter was so kind to us.  AND I like to cut before it gets too cold.  My asthma doesn’t like cold weather, so I try not to aggravate it too much.

Last night we mowed one of the churches we take care of for the last time this year and did the other church on Monday.  We will finish up our yard this week, then wash and grease the lawnmowers and store them away for the winter, anxiously waiting to get them back out as soon as it starts greening up next spring.

I think Jimmy is going to work on cleaning up brush piles and pulling sprouts around the farm the rest of fall and into winter so hopefully I will be able to burn some things and get it cleaned up and back into the soil.

But I have already started some preparations for winter, I need to pull out material and plan for some quilts I need to get finished (and started!!), I have one baby quilt for a very special little girl coming in December.  Can’t wait for the panel I ordered to come in so I can start on it.  I could probably work on about 20 quilt tops that I have wandering around in my head right now.  Yikes, the winter might go really fast (or I am dreaming and wishing anyway).

I have started some of our Christmas shopping but still have a ways to go.  But I have almost 2 months left right?  Need to get the house decorated and that usually happens the day after Thanksgiving at the earliest, hopefully I can get the lights up outside again this year.

We are always busy but never too busy to stop and thank God for all the blessings he has given us and continues to give us.  Have a great fall and enjoy this beautiful weather, even if the  mornings and evenings are really cool.  Yes we are playing the game at home, how long can you survive without the heat on.  I guarantee I will be caving if it gets much cooler.