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Quick, when I say the name Andy Andrews, what pops into your head?  Please don’t tell me, “Who is that, I have no idea?”  If you went to Women of Faith in Kansas City, unless you had no pulse, you better remember who he was.  Remember the funny guy that was all over the stage, telling us if he were a kid now, they would diagnose him with ADD, or whatever those letters were.   Or the guy that got a whipping for singing “Amazing Grace” by his father the choir director?  Well, yes, if he hadn’t changed to tune to sing it to “Ghost Rider’s in the Sky”, “House of the Rising Sun” or the theme to “Gilligan’s Island” he might not have been in so much trouble.

If you didn’t get to see him in Kansas City, you missed something wonderful.  He is funny, intelligent and very wise man.  If you hear his story about how he hated to read and write, you wonder how he ever became an author.  He has not one or two books published but I could list 11.  I started with “The Heart Mender” that was recommended by a friend (thanks so much Heather Birge, you know how much I love him and his books), then went to “The Noticer”, and really wanted to read something by him right before we went to Women of Faith, so I picked up the “The Traveler’s Gift”.  I use that term loosely, because I really downloaded it to my Nook.  Oh. My. Word.  I have to say, that book has touched me more than any other book I have ever read, and I am not kidding.  So of course, I “friended” him on Facebook after he told us to at the conference and I read his blog.  I have even downloaded the wallpaper “The 7 Decisions” for my computer from “The Traveler’s Gift” and I look at it every day to remind myself that with God’s help, I am able to do anything I set my mind to do.  I will be downloading more of his books very soon and reading them.  I love his common sense wisdom, how he interweaves history with practical knowledge.  “The Butterfly Effect”, will blow you away when you think about how each of your actions will make an impact, even one you might never know about.

After reading his books and listening to him speak at Women of Faith, I decided to follow my passion and it wasn’t a week later (not kidding at all), I received a call asking me to do some consulting work, in addition to having a job that I love doing.

So, go over to his website www.andyandrews.com and check him out, he has a blog, all his books for sale, a bit about him, and other things (like the wall paper I told you about) and you can like him on Facebook as well!  He will tell you he is not well-educated but he is a watcher of people and knows many things about life.  His life has not been easy (lost both his parents when he was 19, lived under a pier because he had no home and is now a best-selling author) but he learned many lessons from life.

Take a chance, introduce yourself to Andy, you won’t be sorry!!  I promise.  Let me know how your life has changed once you read a few of his books.


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Yesterday I picked up two new cookbooks.  One from our local telephone company.  It was compiled from people in the area and the proceeds go to their relay for life team.  These books are $10.00 each and can be purchased by contacting Kingdom Telephone and asking for Patti Griffith.  Phone number is 573-386-2241 (local) or 800-487-4811 (toll-free).  Lots of good stuff in there for you to try out.

If you have ever been lucky enough to enjoy a potluck dinner in this area, you know there are many good cooks in the community.

A couple of shots of pages.

And then our grandson comes over and their preschool is selling cookbooks for $5.00 each.

The cover alone is worth the $5.00.  Just puts a smile on your face.

Brock would be happy to sell you one, I think they have somewhere around 300 to sell and he is such a cute salesman.  Who could tell him no.

Many of these recipes are kid tested and approved.   Here are some shots of the inside.

If you would like to purchase one (or more), let me know and I will get you contact information for the cutest little salesman ever.  Well, his mommy’s contact information anyway.

Either one of these would make a wonderful gift for someone who wants to learn how to cook, already likes to cook, or someone who needs to know how to cook.  My children are going to get a cookbook every year at Christmas from now on, they are always looking for new recipes!

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This summer, one of my friends recommended I read “The Help”.  She kind of gave me the story line and said a group of her friends were reading and discussing the book (Thanks for the recommendation Meredith).  It was on sale at the B&N Nook store so I decided to purchase it and read it.  Right after that, I heard they were coming out with the movie.  Just so you know my opinion of books made into movies; I don’t usually like the movie because they don’t follow the book.  An example you ask for? Ok here is my biggest one.  “Gone With The Wind” is my all time favorite book, and while I like the movie, it doesn’t quite follow the book.  For one Rhett’s famous line in the movie is no where in the book.  No cursing in the book.  I know, creative license and all that, but come on, she didn’t have to put a cuss word in the book to make it sell and the movie would have done the same thing.  Also the movie makes Scarlett seem like a spoiled little girl throughout the movie and in the book, while she is spoiled at first, the war makes her grow up to be a very strong lady whose main purpose is to keep the family on the plantation and works very hard to keep it.

Back to my topic!  I read “The Help”, I think in about 2 days, couldn’t put it down and every free minute I had, there was the Nook on and I was engrossed.  One of the reasons, it was history that happened when I was a very young girl.  Medgar Evers being shot, the protests, come one everyone, surely you remember as well!  WELL anyone that is at least 45+ years old should remember.  Just made me think how far we have all come since that time in history and how we have become better people because of it.

Now I have a dilemma; do I go see the movie, or just remember the book and how the author wants everyone to remember this time?  I have heard several people say the movie is great, they loved it.  I know Jimmy won’t go with me because he hates going to the theatre so if I go, I am looking for a friend to go with me.  I just don’t want to be disappointed. I need your help here.  Have you read the book?  Then went to the movie?  Did you enjoy both?  How closely did they follow the book?  Are there differences in them?  Does someone eat a chocolate pie with a surprise in it?  HELP!!

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