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I can’t believe it has been almost 3 weeks since I posted last.  Sorry, time just got away from me.

Now to catch up.  What has been going on with you?  Amazing how much life speeds up when you least expect it right?  After I walked my first 5K, we decided to walk another.  Tara, Shawna and I will be participating in the Callaway County YMCA 5K this Saturday.  Wish us well, the weather is supposed to be beautiful again.  Thank you God for that, I think He knows I am a fair weather walker.

I had four interviews and I accepted a position with the Callaway County Health Department yesterday in their Environmental Services section.  The more I talk about it, the more excited I am getting.  I start next Tuesday and it is part-time for now, so I will still be at home some.  I am anxious to put my schooling to work and learn about the job.  BUT most importantly, I am excited that I will get to help the people of Callaway County increase their environmental awareness and hopefully make it a better place to live.

We received our payment for our crops and of course, it was a discussion on what to do with this extra money.  If I had my way, I would have stashed it in savings and squandered it away on material for quilts and scrapbooking.  Luckily, my hubby is smarter than that.  He decided we needed a log splitter.  We had been borrowing my dad’s but Jimmy thought we needed our own.  He explained the cost benefits to me, like how poor gas mileage his truck gets, especially with his trailer on it, my parents live about 20 miles one way from us, so we have to drive 20 miles to pick it up, then 20 miles to bring it home, use it and then reverse the process.  Anyway, who cares, he will be running it right??  Wrong, this dumb woman decided she would be the wife of the year and split it before he got home from work and he could just help me stack it.  So out of 3 or 4 trees, we had over 100 pieces of wood to split.  After splitting one piece, I got 14 pieces split that should fit in our stove, yikes!!  So I have split almost 2 1/2 cords of wood with this splitter in about 3 days, broke my middle finger on my right hand because I smashed it twice in the same place, could hardly move the next morning and have a ton of bruises on my arms and legs from wrestling pieces of wood that weighed more than I can imagine.  One night Jimmy took pity on me and helped me split, even though I told him I could do it myself.  Can you say stubborn and stupid, not a good combination~!  He unloaded the last trailer load by himself.  Thanks babe!  I was really going to work on it Friday during the day.

We have had several picnic/lunch activities with our group from Story Hour in the past couple of weeks.  Once was at McDonald’s (please don’t judge me) to celebrate the Cardinals going to the World Series and the other because it was such a beautiful day we just couldn’t go home, went to the park in Fulton, let the kids play, fed them, let them play more, then home for naps.

The weather has been wonderful for hanging laundry out, opening the door (well until a few days ago) and enjoying fall.  We have mowed and mulched leaves for the last time this year (hopefully).  Jimmy has my garden spot ready for spring planting.

I did get an opportunity to sew a little bit, working on a couple of Christmas presents, well, ok more than a couple.  The stocking project is coming along, gonna try to work on them some more this weekend and get them ready to go.  Will have to post pictures after Christmas to show my work but I am pretty sure a couple of the recipients read this blog so can’t post now.  Thanks to Kathy Hasekamp for teaching us a new scarf technique, quick and so cute (even if we modified it a little bit).  You have been a wonderful enabler in my sewing passion.

Brock and Adrianna have decided it is more fun to stay at Nanny and Papa’s instead of going to football games right now so we have been taking advantage of that.  Speaking of Adrianna, she has been doing wonderfully potty training, so Nanny had to buy big girl panties, yesterday we bought Minnie Mouse panties and she was so excited about them she couldn’t hardly talk!

I have been staying up late watching the World Series, some nights have ended in joy, some in heartbreak and it will all end tonight 🙂 .  I will miss watching the “Boys of Summer” but there is always NASCAR for a couple of more weeks, then the long winter wait until February (Daytona) and April 1st (Opening day).

Now it is time to clean the house really good, we are having Shawna and Derek, and Tara, Greg and the kids over to celebrate Derek’s birthday.  AND the Cards winning the Series for the 11th time!


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Now I know I am not technically a fulltime housewife. I am a student/housewife/babysitter/grandma and whatever else comes along.
Whoever said a housewife should get bored staying home all day has evidently never attempted it for any length of time. Let me just give you an idea of how my day usually goes.
First I wake up and visit with Jimmy for a while before he goes off to work, get dressed, take my meds, think about eating breakfast, then sit down to the computer to start on school work. I usually study for three hours every day Tuesday thru Friday because I babysit the grandkids on Mondays (so very little gets done on Monday except playing with them).
By that time it is around 10:30 and I check e-mail, write a little on my blog, check FB to see what is going on in the world, you all are my news team! and in there somewhere I have usually forgotten to eat breakfast and it is now too late, I need to be thinking about lunch.  And I usually have dishes to put in the dishwasher or empty it.  Have to feed the wood stove during this cold winter a couple of times each day.  And pick up a little on the house.
Then depending on what day it is and what my schedule will allow, I start sewing, scrapbooking or cleaning house. I have so many ideas for quilts swirling around in my head that I don’t know if I will ever get them all done. I saw recently in a magazine a pattern for a bed runner, much like a table runner but it goes on the foot of your bed just as a decoration and I want to do one with something representing all 12 months in a topsy-turvy pattern. (any of my quilter friends I may be asking to swap fat quarters with you sometime) but that if for another post.

Right now, I have Shawna’s quilt finished and on the blanket box in our room, Tara’s is sitting on the table, waiting on the backing material to arrive (hopefully this week) so I can finish it and contact the machine quilter to complete that project.  I have a tote that I have started that is almost complete, just need to finish the handles and lining, sew them on and done!  Start looking for material for the next project, I want to make some Christmas potholders and have the material for them as well, so might start on them next but that will not take very long.  Working on crocheting a rag rug but have run out of rags to cut up to crochet, need to look for more of them. 

Scrapbooking is coming along rather quickly, I have been working on it a little every night while Jimmy is watching TV.  Need to journal and get some of my completed pages in albums now.  Last week I completed 195 pages which I think is a record for me.  I need to place an order with Creative Memories for more supplies so I can get everything in albums, and journaled, think I will work on that tomorrow!  How much can you journal if you get about 7 hours to write?  I bet I can finish a whole bunch.  All my Christmas cards and photos are now in an album and I am so excited but I don’t think I even printed off last years Christmas Pictures so I better go through everything and double-check!  Time to order more pictures as well I think.

Every week at least twice a week, I try to carry in wood so Jimmy doesn’t have to.  It is hard to do when it is dark and there is snow or ice on the ground and since I am home, I can pick and choose the days I do this, and you can bet it will not be Thursday this week since they are calling for more snow. 

Menu planning has never been a big thing around here, sometimes we eat supper and sometimes we don’t.  I always try to have something ready and this usually depends on Jimmy eating lunch and how late he ate.  Sometimes he doesn’t take lunch break until 2:00 and is not ready to eat again at 6:00.  When we have the kids, I try to have something ready for them right at 6 so they can eat and Jimmy can watch the news. 

All of this is in addition to all the other things that are required to keep a house running, cleaning, sweeping the floors which seems like a daily occurence here, laundry, dishes, picking up toys, and keeping up with the mountain of recycling that seems to accumulate weekly here.  One of the reasons, I try to go to town once a week, to drop off recyclables and get groceries. 

So if you ever decide you want to stay home but are afraid you will be bored, don’t worry, something will find you to keep you occupied.  Just make sure you are doing what you want and not what other people have planned for you.  Enjoy being a stay at home whatever you might be (as long as you enjoy it and can afford to do so).  I know I have been blessed this past year to be able to stay at home and work on my schooling and everything else has been fringe benefits, but I would like to be finished with school.

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I was just reading through some of my scrapbooking tips from other consultants from Creative Memories.  I think I have saved every magazine they have sent, so I have tons of tips from others.

But the one that stood out to me was, “Done is better than perfect”.  Which means don’t worry about the pages being just perfect with embellishments and sayings, pictures in a photosafe album with some journaling is better than leaving them in a box and fretting about the pages.

For me, the person that scrapbooks everything from receipts on trips to birthday and thank you cards, sometimes it is very easy to get behind.   And if you have been following this blog for any time, you know how behind I am.  I have made a committment to myself to work on catching up and working on them one day a week for at least 6 hours.  I can’t imagine what I can get accomplished in 6 hours but I am sure I will be filling everyone in when I complete my first week of my schedule. 

One of the hardest things for people is learning that you don’t have to scrapbook every picture.  If it is dark and you can’t tell what is going on in the photo, toss it.  If you don’t remember what the event was or why you took that picture, toss it.  Don’t forget that you can cut pictures, trim them so your story is better told.  I don’t have that problem, I will even cut pictures in two and place them on the same page so it tells the story better. 

Journaling is very important and many don’t like to do this for a number of reasons, you don’t like your handwriting, you don’t tell a very good story, you are not a good speller or very good at grammar, the list could go on forever.  Do it anyway, it is your handwriting and your children will cherish it later.  When we get Christmas Cards, the hubby likes to guess who it is from just from the handwriting.  Or if you are really uncomfortable, use a word processing program to verify spelling and grammar and chose a nice font that is easy to read.  It is your story that you will be telling and who can tell it better than you.  Go  ahead, you don’t have to be really creative, just state the facts if necessary, who, what, when, were, how, why.  There you go, answer those and you have a great beginning and I bet you are way better than you thought you were.

If you are trying to catch up, there is no need to create fancy pages, or put a ton of embellishments on a page.  Just make sure you get them in a photo safe album (Creative Memories preferably because they last forever!) and write details of what is going on. 

Get your family involved, ask them questions to help you journal or at least identify who is in the photos, ask they how they like the layout, could they at least put the photo splits (the sticky things) on the back of the photos or trim the photos for you?  Great way to spend quality time with the family and what a great time to talk about memories while you are making more of them. 

Now I have to go take more pictures, it is snowing outside and not so very cold.  Yes, that will put me further behind but we will remember the winter and how much fun the kids had playing in the snow when they wake up from their naps.

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Remember when I told you my resolutions and the first one was to make a schedule every week of what I want to accomplish that week.  So school starts on January 11th and I need to start working on that schedule.  I think if I allow myself 3 hours every day for school work, I should be great, then on to other things.

Since Jimmy leaves for work around 7:15 every day and gets home around 5:30 that gives me just a little over 10 hours to get school work and projects done each day.  Of course, on Mondays I have the kids so my time is a little limited for my projects, we go to story hour in the mornings and if I am lucky, they both nap at the same time so I can study then.   So that will just leave me an hour left to study on Mondays. 

Tuesdays I will probably start the day studying and by 10 am or so, I can work on other projects.  Maybe Tuesdays need to be dedicated to scrapbooking after school work, since I am sooooo far behind.  I have Jimmy working on  a couple of shelves for my scrapbooks (that is step two of getting organized) so I will need to fill them up. 

Wednesday will start out the same way, studying until 10 am, then on to sewing.  Hopefully I can get many projects finished for Christmas early and not have to stress over what to buy later in the season. 

Thursdays, more studying (man I should be really smart!) and who knows what I will do, hopefully more scrapbooking or sewing, maybe a little housework and grocery shopping, eating lunch with friends.

Fridays, study, study if I don’t have it done already, then laundry and all the rest of the housework.  Prepare for the weekend.

Hopefully the weekends will be reserved for things Jimmy and I want to do.

This schedule should see me through the first part of March when the semester ends (I have 8 week semesters) and I will have to revise my schedule because somewhere in there I will have to add mowing and yard work to the schedule.

Pray that I at least try to follow this schedule.  And my life gets a little more organized and I don’t get further behind. And most importantly, that I meet these goals and by writing them down,  you all will hold me accountable.

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On Friday, I decided it was time to download my pictures to the Creative Memories website that I purchase my pictures from. BTW, great quality and if you purchase a prepaid package, it is really cheap. The photo quality is amazing, I have had 8 x 10s made that look better than a studio. Ok, enough of a plug about the best scrapbooking company ever (that is why I work for them).
I am so ashamed to say, I had almost 800 photos that I need to print and scrapbook. Remember my last post about catching up on scrapbooking, well it is not going to happen if I continue to take almost 300 pictures at each holiday or special event!  BUT the upside of this is I got to relive some of the great memories of this summer/fall/winter.  Like the many faces of a princess. 

Little Miss Adrianna has always been called a princess and she lives up to the title.  Did you know, when a grandfather is around, a princess’ feet must never touch the ground unless she wants to?  Well, I have so many pictures of different expressions on her face and they are all cute, from that cheezy grin she has to batting her eyes, to giving you her famous scowl (that is from the Dunn family, ask any of the daughter-in-laws they will tell you all about it).  And sometimes she gives you her Peyton Schafer look.  She has always been a Dunn child through and through so it amazes us when she looks so much like my niece’s daughter! 

One day in November, I promised Brock we would spend the afternoon, just him and me and I took pictures of him.  30+!  I had just purchased my new camera and he wanted to play.  It was so much fun, he played in the climbing tree and on a log that is in the yard and we had so much fun.  I have a really great one of him I want to get printed off that is larger than the others, it is so him!

I have some wonderful sunrise pictures and a few sunset pictures.  All the kids playing outside and in the shed, with the animals, just farm kid pictures in general, Jodi and Logan’s wedding in November.  Now as soon as I download them, I will need to order them, should arrive in a week or less and then I will be so behind scrapbooking, I am almost thinking maybe it should snow quite a bit so I have to stay home and work on it.  Oh wait, school starts on Monday!  Do you think I could get Jimmy to help out a little bit?

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