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About 4 years ago, Jimmy had his first joint replacement.  I am not sure if he enjoyed it or not, but about 15 months ago, he needed a knee replaced.  He has done wonderfully with both of them.  Followed therapy’s orders and listened to the doctor for the most part.  He has been limping along with his other knee for a while and we had to get him through Shawna’s wedding so tomorrow is the day!  Yikes, I think once again I am more nervous than he is.  I probably won’t sleep very much tonight and I can feel my stomach feeling queasy.

I don’t know why I get so nervous about this, he has had several surgeries and comes through them so much better than when he goes in.  Yes, I will probably cry when they take him back (like I always do) and now you know why I don’t really want anyone there with me.  I usually find my way to the chapel to say a prayer for the surgeon (Thanks for taking such good care of him Dr. Anz and your amazing team) and his team, a prayer for the recovery nurses and everyone that has a hand on my husband.  Then I turn everything over to God and work on whatever I brought with me to keep me occupied.  I periodically check the screen to see where he is at in the rotation.  Sometimes I see people I know and talk to them, sometimes I keep to my self but I always get to walk with him to his room.  Every time he has had a joint replacement, he is up walking the same day, bugging the doctor to allow him to come home early.

Please pray for him, the surgery team and the hospital staff as we prepare to do this one more time (and I hope the last one he has to go through!).  Will be posting after he gets home and hopefully I can get some pictures.


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It has been a long time since I was on here and I have missed you all.

Let’s see what has happened.  DH had hip replacement in March and is doing awesome with it, now he has a knee that is bothering him.  At this rate by the time he is ready for retirement, he will be bionic!

Spring came and a huge garden, the kids and grandkids put the garden in with us this year.  Once again our tomatoes were superstars.  We quit taking 5 gallon buckets to the garden and used the wheelbarrow to take them to the produce table about every other day.  Peppers have done well, okra (which we never grew before) did awesome!  not so much for the cantaloupe, something kept eating it and I strongly suspect grashhoppers!, butter nut squash, Oh My Gosh.  I bet we have between 70 and 90 and they are still blooming!

Work is so busy and we have not slowed down since January but it is all good and something different every day.

Mr. B wrestled this winter (still don’t understand it), he played t-ball and did very well, hit several triples and doubles and made several outs.  Ms. A danced and was so cute, she has learned she loves to sing and knows all the words and motions to “Frozen”.  Mr. R is still a Papa’s boy and shadows him everywhere.  When Papa was in the hospital after surgery (that very night) R insisted that he get in bed with Papa and of course he was allowed to and laid right there next to Papa and was content!

Mowing the yard and church has been a challenge this year because we have had rain when we need it and between that, the garden and work for both of us, it has taken some pretty creative scheduling to keep everything looking good.

Most of my quilting has been put on the back burner because we have been so busy but with the weather cooling off, the garden and yard will slow down so I can get back to that.

It is time to start back to Kids For Jesus in about 10 days and I am excited to see all the littles again.  I have missed them this summer and I didn’t get to help with Vacation Bible School because of my work schedule so that makes me doubly excited to get back to work with these kids.  A heart bursting moment I guarantee you all, when you hear your grandchildren recite the Lord’s Prayer during Church service.  I guarantee it will make you cry with joy to know they are being trained up in God’s ways and Grace!  Plus they have awesome teachers at Church and a great babysitter.  Our church held VBS this year with a new preacher and according to the kids it was great.  They ended up with a camp out in the parking lot and breakfast the next morning.  Thanks so much Pastor Rebecca!  You are amazing.  She has a son that is 6 weeks younger than Mr. B and they have become great friends.

Now it is soccer season with the grandchildren, instructional of course, they are too young for anything else.  Makes me glad because another sport that Nanny and Papa know nothing about, luckily Caleb (Shawna’s boyfriend) does and plays with them!

I promise I won’t let it be so long next time and I promise I will be telling you all about Craft Day that is coming up in 3 weeks.  Oh gosh, now that really made me nervous, better get busy getting ready to have a pie baking marathon with the girls and slip some cornbread in there as well!!

Hope your spring/summer has been good.

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Our grandkids always want us to make up stories to tell them. First question is fiction or non-fiction. Brock always wants a non-fiction story so I usually end up telling him a story about his mom and aunt growing up.
This is a story I haven’t told them and I believe it is a fiction story or at least I have never seen this happen.
So, as a fiction story starts, here goes…
Once upon a time, there was a husband and wife that lived together in the country. The wife loved to sew quilts in the winter time. She had been gathering quite a pile of quilt tops and material during the spring, summer and fall.
**Side note:a quilt top is just what you think it is, the top of the quilt, there has to be batting and a back quilted to the top for it to truly be a quilt. AND gathering quite a pile of material is called a stash or as the wife’s children call it “hoarding”.
One day on the weekend when the weather was bad as it seems to get sometime in Missouri winters, the wife decided to do a little stash busting (see the explanation above!!) and get those backs complete so she could send them to the quilter. See, most quilts take anywhere from 3-6 yards of material to properly cover the back and this wife likes to piece backs so they are not plain. It makes them more interesting and have more character. She explains to the hubby that she is trying to get rid of some of that material that just appeared over the summer in her sewing room. And she actually had 18 quilt tops to get ready. He said he would take care of the housework if she wanted to sew all weekend.
(This next part might or might not be the fiction part).
So the hubby, while doing house work, cleaning and doing dishes, decided he needed to wear an apron. The wife was a loving wife and didn’t take any pictures to share with the world so you just have to visualize it in your mind. Remember this guy is 6’2″ and weighs somewhere around 245 pounds! By taking care of the housework, the husband allowed the wife to stash bust almost 50 yards of material.

While most of this story is true, there are parts that are fiction but the hubby’s cousin thought it would be funny to write this story, so Kent Hanan, here is a story just for you.  Sorry there are no pictures but I am sure you can use your imagination.


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I have to apologize to all my blogging friends.  December was extremely busy for me and if it hadn’t been for the hubby and youngest daughter, I would not have had a Christmas tree up or presents wrapped yet.

So thanks to them, we had a wonderful Christmas.  The grandchildren got way more toys than they needed according to their parents.  We were good grandparents this year, helping pay for Dance class and Tae Kwon Do (or how ever you spell it) classes for them and just a few things.  Those kids love dollar bills and we gave them all the money in the form of one dollar bills.  Fun to see their face when they opened it up!!!

Their Daddy got something to help in his student teaching (weather related) and if you have a 3rd grader going to Hatton-McCredie, he will be using it with you.  And a little extra cash to help with other things for a classroom.  Mommy got a “Pink” pie plate to support breast cancer, a couple of cookbooks and money for a ticket to the 2012 WOF conference in Kansas City!  If you want to go, contact me and I will put you in touch with our group leader.  We had such a great time this past year and Tara was so wanting to go next year so we helped out a little bit there.

Derek wanted tools, I know, boring, but he is very practical and I am sure he will get lots of good out of what Jimmy picked out for him.  Shawna was a little easier, she wanted dishes and all things kitchen related this year, we found some really cute Longaberger dishes, a “Pink” pie plate supporting breast cancer as well and several cookbooks.

Jimmy and I got our present early, remember the log splitter that we tried to kill each other using??  Well, that was our Christmas present to each other.  I also got him a book about John Deere tractors for under the tree and he got me a little crock pot that I had asked for.  Seems I misplaced my big one that I have had forever.  Hopefully I will learn to cook smaller portions so we don’t have so many leftovers.

I made all the little kids in the family grow charts and was working on them until December 23rd.  Can you say, procrastination?!?!?  I also had to make someone a Santa hat, present bag and a candy bag (which took me all of about 2 hours!).  And I finished all our stockings and our wonderful neighbor, Marilyn Jones, put everyone’s name on them.  They looked so neat.

I promise to write more tomorrow so check back soon.  I really need everyone to read my next post.

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Today, I am thankful for my hubby.  He has been there for me through so many things.  He can always  make me smile and if I am really mad, it drives me crazy, but I still find myself smiling at his craziness.  He can do the same thing to our kids.

Thanks for being a good example for our daughters, showing them what a good husband and father should be.  Thanks for working so hard all these years and allowing us many things in life.  I love/hate when the girls call and ask to talk to their “Daddy”, because I know they are asking for something that I would say no to and they know they can ask you and it will be yes.  Yes, I hover around the phone, yelling NO, NO even when he is shaking his head yes.

Thanks for being there when you know I have had enough and are smart enough to tell me when to quit and sit back for a few minutes and relax.  Or to walk away when I am being unreasonable.  And for always supporting me in whatever I decide to do.

Thanks for all our quiet evenings on the patio or the tailgate of your truck talking about our days, one of the main things I miss during cold weather.

Thanks for being an awesome Papa Jimbo!  Your grandchildren love you and everything you do with them or for them.  Playing on your trailer, picking up rocks and adding them to their collection, loading/unloading wood, helping you do whatever you are doing so they can earn a dollar (or two, now if you are Brock), letting them honk your truck horn or feed the dogs and cats.  Oh, yeah, don’t forgot, making sure Nanny has chocolate in the house or making chocolate chip cookies before they come over.

One of my favorite pictures of my hubby.

Papa Jimbo and Princess Ana

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This summer, one of my friends recommended I read “The Help”.  She kind of gave me the story line and said a group of her friends were reading and discussing the book (Thanks for the recommendation Meredith).  It was on sale at the B&N Nook store so I decided to purchase it and read it.  Right after that, I heard they were coming out with the movie.  Just so you know my opinion of books made into movies; I don’t usually like the movie because they don’t follow the book.  An example you ask for? Ok here is my biggest one.  “Gone With The Wind” is my all time favorite book, and while I like the movie, it doesn’t quite follow the book.  For one Rhett’s famous line in the movie is no where in the book.  No cursing in the book.  I know, creative license and all that, but come on, she didn’t have to put a cuss word in the book to make it sell and the movie would have done the same thing.  Also the movie makes Scarlett seem like a spoiled little girl throughout the movie and in the book, while she is spoiled at first, the war makes her grow up to be a very strong lady whose main purpose is to keep the family on the plantation and works very hard to keep it.

Back to my topic!  I read “The Help”, I think in about 2 days, couldn’t put it down and every free minute I had, there was the Nook on and I was engrossed.  One of the reasons, it was history that happened when I was a very young girl.  Medgar Evers being shot, the protests, come one everyone, surely you remember as well!  WELL anyone that is at least 45+ years old should remember.  Just made me think how far we have all come since that time in history and how we have become better people because of it.

Now I have a dilemma; do I go see the movie, or just remember the book and how the author wants everyone to remember this time?  I have heard several people say the movie is great, they loved it.  I know Jimmy won’t go with me because he hates going to the theatre so if I go, I am looking for a friend to go with me.  I just don’t want to be disappointed. I need your help here.  Have you read the book?  Then went to the movie?  Did you enjoy both?  How closely did they follow the book?  Are there differences in them?  Does someone eat a chocolate pie with a surprise in it?  HELP!!

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June 15th, 2011 is my 32nd anniversary.  Yes you read that right, I have been married to the same man for 32 years today.  We were very young when we married and I am not sure how many believed it would last, but we come from good stock.  Both sets of parents stayed married, my parents recently celebrated their 51st anniversary and Jimmy’s parents would be celebrating their 56th if Jim were still alive.

So in honor of this day, thought I would tell you some crazy laws related to marriage.

In Kentucky, it is illegal to marry the same man 4 times.  WHAT!!  You would make the same mistake 4 times??  I don’t know if it is illegal to marry the same woman 4 times but if you are that crazy, I don’t think you need to be married at all!

In Massachusetts, Couples are not allowed to sleep in the nude in rented rooms.  Well, guess I will be crossing that state off my list of places to visit!  Not sure if it is legal if only one of you are nude or not.  And for some, if you are nude, I bet you are not sleeping!  Am I right??

South Carolina it is illegal for a man over 16 to propose marriage and not mean it.  This is another one of those WHAT laws.  Why is he proposing if he doesn’t mean it?

Wichita Kansas, mistreatment of one’s  mother-in-law can not be used as grounds for divorce.  If they mistreat their mother-in-law, methinks there is other troubles!!

Hartford Connecticut, it is illegal for a man to kiss his wife on the Lord’s Day.  Check that off my places to visit as well, we always start the day with a kiss!

New Orleans, Louisiana it is illegal for palm readers, fortune tellers, mystics and the likes to marry couples.  OK.  I get this one but why would you want them to perform the ceremony anyway?

Mississippi-A man may not seduce a woman by lying and claiming he will marry her.  This must happen often enough for a law to be passed??  Sounds like South Carolina and Mississippi have a problem with this.

Alabama-Women are able to retain all property they owned prior to marriage in the case of divorce.  However, this does not apply to men.    What about equal rights?  Maybe they think what women owned prior is not enough to worry about.

New Yorker’s can not dissolve a marriage for irreconcilable differences, unless they both agree to it.  Sounds like that might be the only thing they agree on.

Stafford County Virginia-It is legal for a man to beat his wife on the courthouse steps, so long as it is before 8:00 p.m.  Maybe this is because the police station is close by and they won’t have far to come when the woman shoots him for doing this!

There are so many crazy laws out there.  Just do a google search some time.  Most of mine came from dumb laws!

I just want to say, thanks for hanging in there with me all these years babe!  I love you more each day.  you make me laugh, cry, scream, giggle, and yes even some times ignore what you say.  It is better that way.  Since I am going to live to 100 you will have to be 103 because you are going to live longer than me!

I love you to the moon, stars, the sun and back (according to Brock!) even if you loved me first.

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